Buljeet Kaur

Membership number: 2548

I Buljeet, if elected as part of the governing committee of the Selangor Sikh Union of Kelab Aman, hereby pledge to bridge the gap between committee members and club members and lead the club in a positive forward direction by bringing forth progress for the betterment of the club and its members. I pledge to fulfill the following promises listed and any other duties deemed necessary while maintaining a high degree of transparency and accountability towards the club and its members.


1. I will make the club a more proactive club in the development of youngsters in all areas such as in sports, recreation , education, culture and fun activities.

2. I will increase female membership and women’s roles and participation in the development of the club and enhance Women Empowerment with training sessions for their betterment.

3. I will organize various activities for members of all ages especially our senior citizens by holding frequent health talks, exercises and light ballroom dance sessions as this is good for the mind, body and soul to aid healthy aging.

4. I will ensure a family oriented atmosphere with improvements in dining and entertainment and where women are not discriminated against in a male domain.


It is not what I can do for the Club but How You and We can together Make A Change for the Betterment of the Club.

d/l Hacharan Singh Khera

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