Munijit Singh

Membership number: 1669

I Munijit Singh also known as Manjit if elected as part of the governing committee of the Selangor Sikh Union of Kelab Aman, hereby pledge to bridge the gap between committee members and club members and lead the club in a positive forward direction by bringing forth progress for the betterment of the club and its members. I pledge to fulfill the following promises listed and any other duties deemed necessary while maintaining a high degree of transparency and accountability towards the club and its members.

1. I will gather the committee to support the youths to train and excel in sports by expanding into more sports & games such as chess, and children’s events to encourage young parents to patronise the club.

2. Host a new series of events aimed at getting more people involved in sports & to increase outreach and reputation of the Club.

3. Increase social activity by running weekly social events under the banner of SSU Kelab Aman in different venues across KL.

4. Increase funding by seeking out new sponsorship opportunities.


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